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    Business Name: Linit Exports

    Contact Number: +912256750151
    Location: Goregaon, Maharashtra

    Business Name: Linear Ways

    Contact Number: +911722592152
    Location: Panchkula, Haryana

    Business Name: Linear Toolings

    Contact Number: +918057730669
    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Business Name: Lindauer Dornier

    Contact Number: +912228598758
    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Business Name: Limra Trading

    Contact Number: +918162271544
    Location: Mysore, Karnataka

    Business Name: Limaz Impex

    Contact Number: +911142828444
    Location: New Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Lima Enterprise

    Contact Number: +917922740564
    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Business Name: Life-Care Equipments

    Contact Number: +912226875434
    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Business Name: Lifebond Machines

    Contact Number: +912612531837
    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Business Name: Life Steriware

    Contact Number: +911122130382
    Location: New Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Life Sight

    Contact Number: +917926420543
    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Business Name: Life Long

    Contact Number: +911126017063
    Location: New Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Libra Cables

    Contact Number: +911122118344
    Location: Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Libra Appliances

    Contact Number: +913322159588
    Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

    Business Name: 424-A Mahim"

    Contact Number: +912224446834
    Location: 400016, 912224452882/24464882

    Business Name: Liberty Hydraulic

    Contact Number: +912225191255
    Location: Thane, Maharashtra

    Business Name: Lgr Cable

    Contact Number: +911122383647
    Location: Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Lg Electronics

    Contact Number: +911126991412
    Location: New Delhi, Delhi

    Business Name: Lfm Engineering

    Contact Number: +914027898949
    Location: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

    Business Name: Lexus Credit

    Contact Number: +913322808621
    Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

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