Google Pixel 2: Everything we know so far

After the launch of the Google Pixel device in October 2016, the company is expected to launch Pixel 2 and Pixel XL2 by October 2017. According to rumors, the phone may be made HTC, which made the 2016 Pixel devices.

Google discontinued its Nexus and improvised its ideas into Google Pixel, which came along with the Google Assistant. While there have been several rumors about the phone, below are five features that can be seen in the upcoming Pixel 2 series smartphones.


  • Snapdragon 835 processor: This maybe available in the new Google Pixel 2 series as same as coming with Samsung Note 8 and S8 devices.
  • QHD resolution display: This will be an upgrade to the Pixel smartphone display from 1080 x 1920p to 1440 x 2560p, making the display at par with the Pixel XL.
  • Dual cameras: Similar to Apple and Samsung, the new devices may come with dual camera setup.
  • 6GB RAM: The new phone will be upgraded from 4GB to 6GB with more power and speed.
  • Daydream View 2 compatibility: The new Daydream View headset, is expected to have advanced VR capabilities with a special focus on VR gaming, may be expected to be seen in the 2017 Pixel phones. 
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